12 Unexpected Renovation Costs

Underwater Iceberg Sometimes plans go awry. Be aware and prepared for any unexpected costs that may arise during your next renovation project. Your wallet will thank you.

12. $1,500 - Landscaping

You would be surprised at how renovating the inside of your house can affect the outside of your house. There is a good chance your front lawn will take a beating as you will come to find equipment and tools strew across your beautiful grass. Sometimes the damage is so severe that only a professional landscaper will be able to perform the repairs [1]. To avoid this unforeseen expense, ask your contractors ahead of time if they plan to use your front yard to stage, and to please place a tarp down first to protect the current condition of your foliage. If your yard is not an option whatsoever then alternatively ask them to utilize your garage or driveway.

11. $1,000 - Permits

Prior to that first sledgehammer embarking on your renovation adventure you will have to host a sit down with your contractor to discuss what permits will be required for the build. Permits are typically included in the cost of your initial planning but make sure to ask if your contractor if the initial price has included them. If not you may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

10. $500 - Extra Labor

Every step of a renovation has the potential to call for extra hands. You may think you can move all your big boxes down the stairs all by yourself but before you break your back - set aside some extra cash for some extra muscle.

9. $500 - Hotels

While it is not crazy to plan to live at home during your entire renovation process, there may be slip ups or toxic chemicals utilized that call for you to stay away a night or two. Not to mention, the noise itself has the potential to become unbearable at times. Thus, to relieve yourself of extra stress make sure to set aside some cash for a small hotel getaway if needed. This cost can be avoided all together by asking to bunker with a couple of friends, but make sure to bring over their favorite wine or brew to thank them.

8. $400 - Dumpster Fees

What you rip out of your house must be thrown away somewhere and if you are a regular DIY'er you will have already anticipated dumpster fees. It is pretty normal to spend around $400 on a mobile trash bin but your contractor should be able to provide several estimates from local dumpster companies. Make sure to take advantage of this dumpster that you are spending good money on and while you discard your renovation debris add in any unwanted stuff currently accumulating in the rest of your house.

7. $195 - Office Space

If you work from home, say goodbye to that home office and hello to a new rented office space. It is close to impossible to work from home during an extremely loud and noisy renovation. Just imagine taking a call and all your client can hear is drilling whirling throughout the background. Plan to spend about $195 a month on a rentable office space.

6. $175 - Weekly Childcare

There is a good chance that demo days will coincide with school inservice days. It is seriously unideal to have a child running throughout saw dust and cement - so off to childcare they must go. In order to save a little money on childcare try to pre arrange playdates on the days you know your child is off from school while renovations are taking place. This will lower your childcare costs and allow grandma to see her favorite grandchild for a day or two.

5. $150 - Professional Cleaning Services

Once renovations have concluded you will be so pleased with your beautiful new appliances in your newly widen kitchen. However, it will be extremely hard to ignore all of the sawdust that has accumulated all over everything else. This is where a professional cleaning service will need to come in and scrub your entire site of renovations from top to bottom [2]. In order to save some cash you can do this cleaning yourself. But if the mess turns out to be too daunting, just make sure to set aside some cash in the beginning for a post renovation treat.

4. $125 - Weekly Pet Hotel

The construction of renovations has the potential to make some pets feel nervous and anxious because of the noise, unrecognizable people, and unknown scents. To assess this situation it is best to begin by monitoring your pup to see how he or she is handling the stress of the situation. If they turn out to be more frantic that expected you should prepare to place them in boarding for a brief period of time. You can save some money on this unforeseen expense by asking a friend or relative to house your beloved pet for a couple or days or hire a dog walker during renovation hours.

3. $80 - Eating Out

Renovations will leave your entire house full of dirt and dust. Thus, even if the renovation is not in your kitchen, your kitchen will still be out of commission forcing you to eat out during this period of construction. However, this cost can be cut down by purchasing pre-prepped, microwavable meals that can be easily stored in a cooler or freezer. Bulk purchases have the potential to cut your eating out costs in half.

2. $50 - Hourly Labor Costs

Expect the unexpected when it comes to renovation construction such as schedule changes and delays. Not only do these unforeseen events add time to your renovation schedule they also mean additional labor fees for your workers. Mishaps and delays can require twice the work from laborers and contractors alike. Do yourself a favor and budget well for these unfortunate, unpredictable events. Ask your contractor in advance for their hourly costs and budget accordingly.

1. 15% - 20% Extra - Utility Bills

Renovations call for fans, power tools, and twice the amount of electricity your family typically utilizes within a month. Pretty much everything performed in construction sucks up energy. Plan for this extra cost by setting aside a small fund for extra utility bills.

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