21 Gift Ideas for DIY Kids

Home Planner Game

Idea #21 - Home Planner

Home Planners are perfect for the child always dreaming of building or decorating their own home! With a 5,600 square foot floor plan and 700 reusable peel and stick construction accessories including everything from walls to pianos - what is there not to love? This is the best alternative to building applications.

Kid's Tool Kit

Idea #20 - Tool Kit

A young builder will thoroughly love this durable, stainless steel tool kit that comes with real tools made in a kid-friendly scale. The kit includes a tape measure, hammer, screwdriver, flat nose pliers, adjustable pliers, adjustable wrench, flashlight, and quality carrying case to hold all of these wonderful new tools.

Kid's Tool Kit

Idea #19 - Young Architect Building Set

The 3D model, Young Architect Building Set includes reusable materials like tracing papers, room templates, furniture guides, acrylic walls, blocks, and highly detailed instruction sets. Any young one dreaming to be an Architect will adore this building set.

Woodworking Kit

Idea #18 - Woodworking Kit

This 80 piece pine kit includes thorough step by step instructions, a kid-friendly scaled hammer, nails, pencil holder, letter holder, name plate, plane, coin bank, train, and bird feeder. Aspiring woodworkers will feel extremely official with a woodworking kit.

Kid's Tool Belt

Idea #17 - Tool Belt

Smaller builders will be ecstatic to receive a tool belt made of genuine suede leather. Just be sure to get one that ranges in waist size from 21-32 inches.

Playmat 4 in 1 Workshop

Idea #16 - 4 in 1 Workshop

Do not be afraid to purchase your child a 4 in 1 workshop as the blade will only vibrate! A perfect beginner set will include a jigsaw, drill press, sander, and wood lathe.

Standing Garden

Idea #15 - Standing Garden

Children who have been blessed with a green thumb would find a standing garden extremely useful. Standing gardens are typically 2 feet tall and designed to grow vegetables vertically with minimal weeds and pests. Most stunning gardens can hold around 58 quarts of potting mix and require minimal assembly with a Phillips head screwdriver.

Castle Blocks

Idea #14 - Castle Blocks

Castle Blocks are a great gift for the toddler looking to build an assortment of bridges, towers, and turrets. With over 75 wooden pieces in a set the building possibilities are endless.

Garden Gear Set

Idea #13 - Garden Gear Set

If your child is looking to start their very own garden they are going to need a garden gear set. A good set will include a kid-friendly scaled wheelbarrow, rake, trowel, fork and pair of gardening gloves.

Snow Fort Set

Idea #12 - Snow Fort Set

Snow Fort Sets are great for those in states that experience a lot of snow. The set comes with two molds that will aid kids in constructing anything from a snowman to a snow fort.

Wooden Birdhouse Kit

Idea #11 - Wooden Birdhouse Kit

A wooden birdhouse kit is a great and easy way to introduce your child to workworking. An 11 piece kit should come with nails, instructions, and tools required to complete the project. Most kits include unfinished wood that you can either paint or stain once the project is finished.

Engine Kit

Idea #10 - Engine Kit

Engine kits are great for kids who are obsessed with cars. It is common for an engine kit to include several parts, all tools needed, and a detailed instruction guide with how to build and assemble the engine. Watch your child's eyes illuminate as the cylinders come alive and the engine starts to run.

Architect Model Building Kit

Idea #9 - Architect Model Building Kit

Architect Model Building kits will keep your child busy for hours. Kits should include over 350 pieces and a fully detailed instruction manual.

Electronic Snap Circuits

Idea #8 - Snap Circuits

Snap circuits are great for the child with an explorative mind as they allow your child to conduct over 750 science and building experiments.

Wooden Tool Box

Idea #7 - Wooden Tool Box & Paint Kit

Gifting your child with a wooden tool box and paint kit will give them the ability to create whatever their heart desires. Creation will be at their fingertips.

Fort Building Kit

Idea #6 - Fort Building Kit

Rid yourself of the makeshift chair fort and instead gift your child with the ability to create a real life fort instead! A fort building kit will aid your child in building a skeleton fort that they can throw blankets over and drink hot cocoa within.

Dollhouse Kit

Idea #5 - Dollhouse Kit

Build a 3 Story Victorian Dollhouse with your daughter and give her dolly 6 beautiful bedrooms and and a classic wrap around porch.

Gizmos and Gadgets Kit

Idea #4 - Gizmos and Gadgets Kit

What could be better than electronic building blocks? Have your child feeling like an architect from the future with a Gizmos and Gadgets Kit that includes over a dozen different projects to choose from.

Kid's Play Workbench

Idea #3 - Workbench

A kid-friendly scaled workbench is a great addition to your child's tool collection. Not to mention, they are easy to store or travel with.

LEGO Architecture Set

Idea #2 - LEGO Architecture Set

LEGO makes an amazing architecture set that comes with over one thousand pieces and a 272 paged guidebook full of awesome ideas for your child to construct.

Toy Tool Set

Idea #1 - Toy Tool Set

Toy tool sets are great for your child to safely become acquainted and familiarized with tool kits. A good one will include a range of tools, goggles, gloves, and earmuffs.