How To Save On Renovation Materials

The key to reducing the chances of cost overruns and delay to minimum is planning your purchases in advance.

According to the data provided by the Consumer Reports National Research Center the most common mistakes that caused serious delays and cost overruns on a construction or renovation project are structural damage, materials arriving broken or different from what was ordered.

You can avoid such serious problems by ordering most of the home renovation materials yourself and getting them to the site well in advance to ensure all the necessary materials are available for installation, should a problem arises. Such approach will also help decrease your costs because you may not hurry and postpone some purchases so you could take advantage of coming sales. For example, during summer holiday weekends you can score great deals on a wide range of construction materials that range from paint to ceramic tile.

Focus on Style

If you decided to purchase your own home renovation materials, it is important to figure out what your style is. Consider creating a digital ideabook of photos to determine your design preferences.

The next step is deciding where to shop. There is a great number of home improvement retailers, including Home Depot and Lowe’s where you can purchase everything you need for your home upgrade.

If you are looking for more curated selection of products and expert advice you may visit kitchen and bath showrooms, as well as some tile showrooms. Here are our tips on how to get the most out of those visits.

Interiors Design

5 Rules to Showroom Success

Even though most of the staff in showrooms are professional designers, still you can take some steps to make the process go smoothly.

Make an Appointment

Of course, you can just walk into a showroom right off the street, but your visit will be much more productive if you make an appointment. If you happen to have a friend who has bought from them in the past, ask who is the best designer there and set up your meeting with that person.

Take Your Time

When you are starting a large renovations project, such as a full kitchen or master bathroom remodel, be prepared to spend a couple of hours in the showroom. With so many products offered be patient sorting through. Sometimes a follow-up visit may be needed.

Bring Your Ideabook and Floor Plans

Make sure you bring the inspirational photos with you. They will help the designer understand your preferences and offer the products that will appeal to you most. The floor plans are required to provide the necessary specifications, especially when you are starting a bathroom project. This will help choose the products that fit the room best.

Know Where to Save and Where to Splurge

When it comes to major renovations it is important to set your priorities first. For example, tile can be very expensive, but you can easily achieve a chick classic look using an affordable 4-inch subway tile in a white gloss finish. Money saved on tile can be spent on the purchase of some stylish bathroom vanity, a nice double-bowl unit with basins made of porcelain, etc.

Think About Secondhand

If you’re looking for some really great bargains consider purchasing secondhand products. You can find first-rate luxury products from high-end homes on the secondhand market. You may even visit the local salvage shop in your area.

Before you purchase any construction materials you need to have a secure location to store the products you’ve ordered. The most convenient place to store the materials is the actual job site, but a garage or basement will also be fine. Just make sure the products you’ve bought ahead of time don’t get damaged by moisture or pests.