Right Apps for Homebuilding

Build a Home With The Help of a Smartphone and These 8 Apps

Can it be that one can build a home with a smart phone? Well not exactly but you can use resources on smart phone and apps that help you in home planning and the construction process. This describes a few apps that are great for homeowners or homebuyers.

These apps are useful for the professionals to like real estate agents and homebuilders who work with potential homeowners and buyers. Clients can be impressed when you use technology to find an answer for them or just suggest a helpful new app that they can use in the home buying or building process. There is a separate article that reviews apps for homebuilding and real estate professionals.

These apps for smart phones range in price from free to about $15. They can help with the difficult tasks of planning and construction/renovation and it's nice to have technology at your fingertips.

Taskboard App Example


Interesting app. You will have lists. This app helps with the to do lists, punch lists, closing checklists and other lists you need when planning, building and buying a new home. This is an iPad app that helps you organize multiple lists in an easy way to use with visual interface. It is not necessarily a homebuilding app but the process is easier when you are organized. It costs $0.99 on an iPad.

Mortgage Calculator by Quicken Loans App Example

Mortgage Calculator by Quicken Loans

This is an app that is great for a potential homeowner to do some important financial calculations that are part of buying building materials and building a home. It is free for Apple and Android.

House Plans Volume App Example

House Plans Volume

You may not find your dream home plans here but you can certainly check out the huge databases of stock house plans and get some ideas and inspiration. This can stimulate creative juices with the planning and layout or design of your new home. It costs from $4.99 for iPhone and iPad.

PadCad App Example


You can create your own blueprints. It's not a replacement for an architect or the full-blown computer aided design or CAD but pad cad can help you visualize, create and preserve some your own floor plan thoughts when you're trying to consider the design and layout options for a new home. There are many apps out there that do not work well but this one is fairly sophisticated and allows you to include measurements, save and export files and does what it says it will do. It costs $14.99 for Apple and Android.

Home Design 3D App Example

Home Design 3D

Now that you got inspiration from your floor plan you can use this device to create 3D renderings [1]. You can generate each room in the entire house, windows, doors, furniture, and flooring and see them in 3D. You can even include outdoor spaces. It costs $6.99 for iPad and iPhone.

Home Decorating App by Mark on Call Example

Home Design DIY Interior Floor Layout Space Planning and House Decorating Too by Mark on Call

This is a very long name for an app that is useful for interior design and layout planning. Each room can come to life by laying down flooring, adding furniture and choosing different finishing colors and fabrics. You can even create custom finishes and use your own photos and incorporate the image as a fabric, color or pattern directly into your plan. This is not a floor plan creation and does not include 3D viewing, but the app includes practical budgeting and tracking features not found elsewhere. It costs $4.99 for iPad and iPhone.

Houzz Interior App Example

Houzz Interior Design Ideas

This app is just perfect. You can find a wealth of decorating, finishes, furniture, hardware and other design ideas in an unlimited amount of photos. It is perfect when you're planning your new home or redecorating an existing one. It's the ultimate home decorating resource. It is free for Apple and Android.

I.D.Wood App Example


This is one of the coolest apps on the list and helps users identify different types of wood from around the world [2]. It is a great tool when you're planning your new home. Present screen samples with photos and side-by-side comparisons and detailed information of almost 160 different woods. It costs $4.99 for iPad and iPhone.

[1]: Houzz App: Home Design App for Mobile
[2]: I.D. Wood on the App Store